Maximising Muscle Health: Protein Needs for Athletes and Exercisers

In sports nutrition, discussing protein requirements for athletes and exercisers is a topic of ongoing interest and research. Understanding the optimal protein intake to support muscle health, performance, and recovery is crucial for individuals engaged in physical activity. This article delves into the nuances of protein needs for athletes, exploring the latest research findings and … Read more

The Clean Up Nutrition Plan

Bowls of cereal and fruit.

Each body is different and requires different bespoke nutritional plans to optimise health and performance. However, all good nutrition plans are based on a set of core principles. For us, this starts with The Clean Up to help us understand the nutrition that you really need, and what you should consider reducing in order to … Read more

What is the Modified Elimination Diet?

Person cooking a healthy meal with lemon.

If you’re interested in health and nutrition and want to fully optimise your overall health and performance, you may have come across the term “modified elimination”. It can be somewhat confusing as it is often used in relation to allergies and intolerances, so what is the modified elimination diet in relation to health and nutrition? … Read more

Understanding Oxidative Stress: A Comprehensive Guide

Oxidative stress is a term that is often thrown around in discussions about health and wellness, but what does it really mean? Is it always damaging, or can it sometimes be beneficial? How can we measure or assess oxidative stress, and how can this information inform our treatments and interventions? What is Oxidative Stress? Oxidative … Read more

Unveiling the Truth: Is Chlorella’s Iodine a Friend or Foe to Your Thyroid?

In the realm of superfoods, Chlorella holds a prestigious spot, revered for its dense nutritional profile and potential health benefits. Yet, its relationship with the thyroid, particularly due to its iodine content, sparks a blend of curiosity and concern. Is Chlorella’s iodine a boon or a bane for thyroid health? This article dives deep into … Read more

12 Daily Habits To Improve Hormones 

In the body, the endocrine system circulates hormones, which perform various functions throughout the day. Even the smallest changes in hormone levels can result in adverse effects, including extra stress on the body. Symptoms can grow worse over time and hormonal imbalances can even lead to chronic issues. For most people, making simple lifestyle changes … Read more

How Do You Optimise Brain Chemistry?

Generally speaking, most people don’t think about the fact that their thoughts are chemical and even less so about how to use their thoughts to manage their brain chemistry. If your brain chemistry is optimally balanced, you will most likely feel good and function well. However, if it is unbalanced in some way, you may … Read more

What Are The Three Principles of Sports Nutrition? 

Three people bike riding next to a road.

Whilst you may have come across the term sports nutrition, you may not fully understand what it entails. Growing in popularity, sports nutrition is the study and implementation of a personalised health plan designed to increase athletic performance. In this article, Human Health Hub explores the three principles of sports nutrition and outlines how we … Read more

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