Full Body Composition Analysis

Body composition analysis can tell us a lot about your body, by providing insights into your current state of health, body fat levels and hormonal balance.

What is Full Body Composition Analysis?

We use a combination of skin fold analysis, continuous glucose monitoring, as well as results from a blood test (A1CNow Self Check*) to determine your body fat percentage and overall health.

What is Skin Fold Analysis?

Skin fold analysis is the process of measuring body fat at 14 key sites across the body. This information not only helps to determine your body fat percentage, but also provides valuable insight into what factors influence your body fat levels.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring & Hb1Ac Test

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a similar process to what diabetics use to monitor their blood sugar levels across 14 days. With this, you can regularly scan the sensor with your smartphone to check your glucose level. CGMs can help to identify which foods and environmental factors impact your glucose and therefore stress levels the most. 

An AC1 haemoglobin is a finger prick test (only available for in-person consultations) which provides insight into the effects of glucose and stress levels on the body over the past three months. This is a valuable marker for those experiencing stress related disorders, thyroid issues, gut health issues, hormonal dysregulation and weight loss difficulties.

No one diet works for everyone and nutrition needs to be tailored to each individual. CGM and AC1 Now devices help to achieve this by determining your blood glucose level, as well as how tolerant you are towards carbohydrates, thus allowing us to create a tailored plan suitable for your goals. It can also help to determine how resistant your body is to insulin. 

What Can Full Body Composition Analysis Tell Us?

The ideal body fat percentage is around 10% for men and 16% for women, although it’s best to not get too caught up on this as various factors can influence your body fat percentage. We consider 14 key areas for body composition analysis, a few of which can be seen below:

Shoulder Blade

The shoulder blade is a great indicator of how well your body metabolises carbohydrates; 10mm or lower tells us that your body is insulin sensitive and can handle carbohydrates effectively.

Under The Arm Pit

The mid-axillary fold reflects thyroid function and how fast your metabolism is working. Various factors can impact this, including environmental toxins, stress, and sugar, with the potential to increase this skin fold.


The calf skin fold is a good indicator of how well you recover from training; a good measurement is around 5mm for men and 10mm for women. This site relates to the hormones produced during sleep and a lack of deep sleep may result in a higher skin fold score.


Skin fold analysis at the quads can provide valuable information about toxins within the body, such as environmental toxins and heavy metals, as well as your liver’s ability to process toxins.

Full Body Composition Analysis Packages

We deliver our body composition analysis service as part of a 360 degree package which supports you in the areas where you need it the most. Discover more about our packages below and book your initial consultation today.


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In Person

Our In-person consultation allows us to utilise in-house testing and analysis to ensure we leave no stone unturned in improving your health & performance.

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*The CGM and the A1CNow is not compulsory and is an additional cost to the investment for the body composition analysis.

About Human Health Hub

At Human Health Hub, we’re passionate about health and performance, and strive to be at the forefront of the industry. It’s important to us that we provide superior support, resources and techniques that clients need to reach their health, fitness, and performance goals, including the use of full body composition analysis to provide insight into what factors influence a client’s performance. 

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What Our Clients Say

My experience with Roan is very positive. His approach is straightforward yet rich in knowledge, with attention to detail and quality, from communication to creating an action plan. You can see that he cares.

Giovanni Billi
Eleiko Strength Equipment Italy Operations Manager

I cannot recommend Roan at Human Performance Hub enough. He is the only consultant I have engaged with where I have seen results, and importantly he only recommends the supplements you need for your body or nutrition goals. In addition, he listens to a client and recommends the right nutrition, supplements and exercise routines – it isn’t a one-size-fits-all; it is highly personalised to get the right results.

Kirsten Ward
Chief Marketing Officer at Situ Live

I had a very positive consultation with Roan, who explained various in fact numerous aspects that can have an impact on sleep patterns. Detailed options were discussed and also understanding that whilst one process might not be completely successful, there are other routes that could be followed.

Antony Dickson
Buckinghamshire, UK

Roan is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever met and his passion for the fitness and well being of his clients is inspiring . He has so much knowledge of diet, supplements and sleep. It is very motivating to work with him and accomplish targets you wouldn’t believe possible.

Yvonne Binnington
Mother of two, Buckinghamshire

The big difference with Roan is that he takes a complete view of your health and well-being.  Fitness and strength training is at the core, but it’s supported by nutrition advice, supplements to address your specific deficiencies and regular measurement to assess progress.   For me this is essential, diet, sleep, exercise are all interdependent and Roan’s education and advice enables you to make real, sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

Paul Abbott
CEO Amex Global Business Travel

Working with Roan as been an absolute pleasure in addressing numerous gut and digestion issues. After struggling for many years, after seeing a bunch of specialists/doctors and after spending an absolute fortune in treatments I finally managed to start to feel better and improve my health thanks to Roan’s experience and knowledge.

Omar DG
Lisbon, Portugal

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