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Tom Stansfield

Tom Stansfield Performance Coaching

I’m a Personal Trainer and gym owner, I’ve been a coach for over 10 years. I’ve known Roan for a few years now, meeting on YPSI education courses in the Dominican Republic and Stuttgart. He was always very helpful and super easy to get along with, it was always in mind to work with him one day as I knew I could trust him.

Alongside the Human Health Hub program I did strength training 3x a week, and prepped for my first ever 10k run. I managed my own training schedule but Roans advice on nutrition, supplementation and recovery was invaluable.

The reason I started the program was because I wasn’t feeling my best from a health point of view and knew I needed to dig a little deeper to sort things out. I’d been running on empty for years and was hitting serious burn out. Through supplementation and a relaxing evening routine I was able to fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper and wake up feeling more rested.

We constantly changed my nutritional strategy based on my feedback, allowing me to use fats and carbs more effectively, this meant for better energy throughout the day, more focus and less cravings. Giving my body what it needs, nourishing it properly and every decision was based around me feeling a healthier, happier human, as a by-product of this my body composition improved too. Not a single calorie was counted or even mentioned throughout the entire process!

[On hormone testing] It was interesting to see why I was feeling so bad initially with the blood markers showing some poor readings, which all correlated to my symptoms of general exhaustion. It helped me understand and appreciate things on a deeper level.

In terms of health, most noticeably my liver markers have improved as well as my libido and all round drive and zest for life. My digestion went from a 4/10 to a consistent 8/10, something I can massively appreciate as I get older!

I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about improving their health, but you can’t put in half the effort, it’s a commitment but well worth it as you go through the process. I would like to carry on working with Roan to keep improving my own health, but would also love to do some kind of mentorship with him regarding blood work so I can help my own clients that little bit more!

Luke Riordan

Eyeful Presentations

I’m 34, married and have just recently had a baby. I run a design & comms agency…which means I spend most of my days either sitting on my butt in front of a screen or in the car.

I’d class myself as a general/average gym-goer and although I’ve been consistently training/going to the gym for years, it’s not always been with the best structure or plan.

I was introduced to Roan through a mutual friend and after following him and Human Performance Hub on social media for a little while, and being impressed by their knowledge and content I decided to take the plunge and get in touch to chat about the programme and how they could help.

After an initial consultation, Roan provided a robust training plan built around me, my life, my individual goals and the time constraints I had with work and a new baby. He also took into consideration a back injury that had been causing me issues and that had knocked my confidence in the gym. The training plan helped to give me structure and a clear focus in the gym. It was easy to follow and well put together meaning I started to enjoy training again and had the motivation to push myself and progress. The focus on mobility and movement also helped to ease my back pain and gave me the confidence to start building up the strength through my lower body and core again. Roan was also at the end of the phone or on WhatsApp if I ever had any questions or problems when training.

Before I started the program, I was regularly going to the gym, however I was getting bored and had lost focus and motivation as I hadn’t set any real goals and didn’t have a structured plan. I was very sedentary and wasn’t moving enough during the day which was causing me issues with my back and general mobility. I’d been to see general physios in the past but they seemed to focus on getting rid of the short-term pain rather than addressing the root cause of the issue. Outside of the gym, despite best intentions, my nutrition was all over the place and this was having an impact on my energy levels and focus during the day and at work. Alongside having a training and nutrition plan, I was also eager to learn. Roan and the Human Hub team are incredibly knowledgeable so I wanted to educate myself so that I was set up for long-term success.

My sleep improved massively across the programme and almost instantly. I found it easier to get to sleep, my quality of sleep was much better and undisturbed and I was finding it much easier to get up and get going in the morning.

I saw a notable difference in energy levels from the off. Whereas previously I was struggling to get out of bed and get going in the morning, and was running out of steam towards the end of the afternoon at work – I am now able to function at a consistently high-level right across the day. I’m much more focussed and my general mood is much better than it was previously.

The biggest change for me was probably in the way training was structured – I’d say I actually ended up doing slightly less but with much more focus and, as a result, seeing better outcomes.

Changes to food (quality and volume) was also an important part of the programme and helped to significantly improve energy levels and overall function throughout the day.

There were no extreme low calorie methods or calorie counting diets – if anything it’s been the opposite. I’ve probably been eating more on the programme than I ever have previously. I haven’t had to track or count calories – the focus has just been on good nutrition from good sources.

We also did a full blood test – the results were interesting and helped me to understand what was causing certain things such as tiredness, fatigue etc. etc. Once we had these tests and results, we were then able to look at addressing the issues through diet and supplements.

I’ve seen huge improvements in my health – from getting stronger in the gym, to getting rid of the pain in my back and increasing range of movement and flexibility, to improved energy levels and overall mood.

I would highly recommend the programme to anyone who has a lot to juggle during their working week but still wants to see results from their training. Anyone looking to improve their overall health and performance – both in the gym/training and in general day-to-day life.

I’m 2 weeks away from finishing my latest block of training so will shortly be catching up with Roan and the team to check-in, review progress and set goals for the next phase.

Paul Abbott

CEO Amex Global Business Travel, London UK

I first reached out to Human Hub because of an injury and arthritis in my left knee that left me struggling to exercise for several years. Lack of mobility, stiff joints, and poor muscle tone all followed.

Roan did a complete assessment of mobility, strength, body fat, and developed a very clear understanding of my goals.The big difference with Roan is that he takes a complete view of your health and well-being.

Fitness and strength training is at the core, but it’s supported by nutrition advice, supplements to address your specific deficiencies and regular measurement to assess progress. For me this is essential; diet, sleep, exercise are all interdependent and Roan’s education and advice enables you to make real, sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

My mindset changed immediately, a sense of confidence that I can tackle the knee problem and improve my mobility. Having a better routine with diet and exercise also made a difference very quickly. Changes to weight, body fat and strength took around 3 months to see a big change.

I have a much better understanding of how to balance diet, sleep and exercise to improve mobility, strength and body shape. It doesn’t seem complicated now, it’s just routine, but it is essential to have the support and direction to find a path that works for you and a coach that takes a genuine interest in your overall health and well-being, not just the training.

My goal was simple, to improve mobility and strength. My knee problem put me in a rut, getting weaker, slower and I had problems even walking short distances. Now I don’t even worry about my knee, I have strengthened the muscles around the knee to take the weight of the joint, I can play golf, and cricket. I train 2/3 times a week, my strength has improved significantly which has improved my energy levels, sport and mindset.

Roan takes a genuine interest in improving your overall health, fitness and wellbeing.  He trains the whole person, not just the numbers.  I have purchased an Oura fitness device that tracks my sleep. We have used monitors to look at how my blood sugar responds to certain foods, supplements that help with energy and digestion, and I continue to get fitter and stronger. I honestly don’t know anywhere else you can get this complete advice and support.

I recommended Roan to anyone who wants to learn how to make sustainable changes to their strength, fitness, mobility and lifestyle. You will definitely get fitter and stronger but you will also learn how to develop a routine that works for you.

Andréa Rivière

I live in Switzerland. Until 14-15 I was thin and could eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight. It was a bad habit because when I started to become a woman everything caught up to me. At first, it was fine but then I got more and more anxious about my physical appearance. Three years ago I took a personal coach to help with that. At first, it started well but then I was stagnating. That’s when Enzo (my coach) recommended Roan.

I started the program to learn how to eat better, to have a better sleep and eating habits, but mostly to lose weight. I have a private coach twice a week who helps me gain confidence, strength, and exercise. I also go to the gym twice a week.

My biggest change with the program was EATING. I thought once I started with my coach that I was eating correctly. How was I wrong… And of course the weight loss.

The most nutritional strategies which have made the most noticeable difference are eating enough protein I guess. Mostly the 2 days of broth per week was a big change. I feel like my stomach shrunk in size! I am not as hungry as before and having the broth helped losing a lot of weight.

Sadly, my favourite breakfast is cereals…. So that stopped when I started The Human Hub program. Now I don’t really have a favourite breakfast. I eat because I need to and eat what I need to. That’s maybe the only negative aspect, I don’t enjoy eating as much as I did before.

When I started with Roan we did blood testing. Honestly, it was a bit too scientific for me and I just trusted him to use the results for our plan.

The results I’ve experienced so far are -9.7 kg and 12cm in my waist !!!

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend the program and have done to family and friends. I already recommended it but the problem is mostly the language barrier. And some friends do not want to invest that much. Or do not realize how much it can help.

Roan listens a lot (apart from making me eat fish when I hate it). He takes into account everything: stress, sleep, emotions… I feel heard and not lectured. And he is really good at his job.

Sabrina Labuhn

I work as an administrator from home, which is very flexible so I train in the mornings and work on and off during the day. I live in the UK but will be spending some time in Germany soon and may decide to stay there and get more involved with my sports club, which is in the process of setting up a strongman division and will start hosting comps.

I started the program because I couldn’t get my nutrition under control and wanted to eat in a way that supports my training. Also to change my body composition and help with my health.

Alongside the program I train for strongman. It has helped me in so far that I am getting stronger while dropping bodyweight. The last bit is also useful in case I want to go back to powerlifting, where I’d want to compete in a lower bodyweight class than before.

The biggest change for me so far in the program is a 5kg drop in bodyweight and increased strength and energy levels. The intra-workout made a noticeable difference in my sessions. The 5:High:Low strategy seems to work very well for me.

During the program I slept very well once I started doing Yoga Nidra after training sessions. It is up and down though, depending on stress levels. My energy was very low initially when my diet changed but once I started the intra-workout and got used to the new diet, my energy levels were much better than previously.

The results I’ve seen so far are a strength increase and 5 kg body weight drop. No comps yet.

I would recommend this program and I already have. I would recommend it to anyone who struggles with their nutrition and has health issues. Does not have to be an athlete. I think everyone can benefit from it.

I enjoy the program because I like the clear instructions, Roan’s knowledge and that he explains why he does something, and the general professionalism.

Nicholas O’Hare

The World’s Strongest Man competitor U90

I’m a 40 year old husband and father of 4. 3 boys, 1 girl. We have a very busy household. My kids play sports year round and my wife and I coach many of them, or at least help. We both work full time as well. We enjoy doing family trips to build memories. We live in Harbor Beach, Michigan, USA on one of the Great Lakes, Lake Huron.

I started the program because I was looking to reach the top. I have the goal of being a world champion and want everything to be inline to do so. I was introduced to Roan through Tom Hibbert. As I’ve gotten to work with Roan, I know I’m in the right place to reach my goal.

Alongside the program I train Strongman on an international level. It’s helped through recovery, health, knowledge, accountability and his desire for us to be our best.

The biggest change so far is tracking blood work to fully understand where I’m at so that I can be optimized.

The nutritional strategies that have made the biggest noticeable difference are fat consumption and how well I feel when we are doing a high fat block.

My results so far have been all positive. I came to Roan after I had crashed my CNS. He’s done so much to right that while I continue to peak for other comps.

Roan’s support through the build was incredible. He was there every step of the way and made it easy to focus on training as nutrition and supplementation was all set out for me. Weight cut was smooth. Everything went to plan. To top it off he was at the competition with us and was very supportive in many ways even beyond nutrition.

I would absolutely recommend the program to anyone that wants to achieve the best version of themselves, for life and for sport.

In the program, I enjoy the knowledge and understanding from Roan. And the willingness to explain why, in detail. His clearly written emails that recap our meetings. His concern with not only myself (the client) but also my family.

This program checks more boxes than I’ve ever experienced with nutritionists. Roan continues to expand it constantly.

Ross Davison

Gym Owner – The Unit Health and Fitness

I joined the program because I had reached a stage in my training/performance where I felt I needed to get some expert advice with regards to nutrition in order to progress.

Alongside the program, I compete in Strongman and as well as benefiting my training the programme massively helped competition day having a plan to follow so I could perform to the best of my ability.

I’ve seen noticeable changes in body shape but I think the biggest change is my energy levels throughout the day.

What specific nutritional strategies have made a noticeable difference?

The nutritional strategies that have made the most noticeable difference are animal protein and high fat for the first meal of the day has been a game changer for energy levels. Going gluten free has stopped any bloating I was getting.

During the program, sleep can depend on what sort of night my toddlers have but when they sleep well I have no issues. NSDR is something I am working on during the day.

Energy levels increased considerably. Due to my work constraints there would be times I might have to do 3-4 sessions in a row but managed to maintain effort levels and recovered well.

The program has resulted in PBs in training and competition!

I would definitely recommend the program to anyone who is looking to gain that extra percent from their training or looking to go to the next level in their sport.

The thing I enjoyed most about the program and working with Roan was the monthly zoom calls which are great to check in and go through any issues or things that have gone well.

What Our Clients Say

I contacted Roan after struggling with symptoms for around two years; exhaustion, inability to sleep, no cycle, low mood, inability to concentrate, swollen joints and weight gain.

I had been trying to get help from the doctors for over a year and had no progress.

After going through with a plan covering movement, nutrition and health supplementation, I quickly saw a shift in my energy and mood. My focus improved significantly, and I began to lose some weight; my body changed within a few months, and I started to feel more like myself again.

Marnie Warlow United Kingdom 

Roan has an exceptional level of experience, knowledge and expertise across PT Training, Nutrition & Functional Medicine and Supplements which makes him UNIQUELY placed to help clients achieve their health goals.

My experience of training and working with Roan across these Specialisms is that he is challenging, is unswerving is his passion for acquiring more knowledge and delivers results!

A. Loftus London, United Kingdom

I cannot recommend Roan at Human Health Hub enough. He is the only consultant I have engaged with where I have seen results, and importantly he only recommends the supplements you need for your body or nutrition goals. In addition, he listens to a client and recommends the right nutrition, supplements and exercise routines – it isn’t one-size-fits-all; it is highly personalised to get the right results.

Kirsten Ward
Chief Marketing Officer at Situ Live

My experience with Roan is very positive. His approach is straightforward yet rich in knowledge, with attention to detail and quality, from communication to creating an action plan. You can see that he cares.

Giovanni Billi
Eleiko Strength Equipment Italy Operations Manager

Roan is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever met, and his passion for the fitness and well-being of his clients is inspiring.

He has so much knowledge of diet, supplements and sleep. It is very motivating to work with him and accomplish targets you wouldn’t believe possible.

Yvonne Binnington
Mother of two, Buckinghamshire

I had a very positive consultation with Roan, who explained various. In fact, numerous aspects that can have an impact on sleep patterns.

Detailed options were discussed, and also understanding that whilst one process might not be completely successful, other routes could be followed.

Antony Dickson
Buckinghamshire, UK

The big difference with Roan is that he completely views your health and well-being.  

Fitness and strength training is at the core, but it’s supported by nutrition advice, supplements to address your specific deficiencies and regular measurement to assess progress.  For me, this is essential; diet, sleep, and exercise are all interdependent, and Roan’s education and advice enables you to make real, sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

Paul Abbott
CEO Amex Global Business Travel

Working with Roan has been an absolute pleasure in addressing numerous gut and digestion issues.

After struggling for many years, seeing a bunch of specialists/doctors and spending an absolute fortune on treatments, I finally started to feel better and improve my health thanks to Roan’s experience and knowledge.

O. Gonçalves
Lisbon, Portugal

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