Blood Analysis Testing & Blood Glucose Monitoring

By being proactive through blood testing and blood glucose monitoring, we can see early warning signs for poor well-being and health, and thus take the necessary measures to optimise your health and performance.

About Blood Analysis Testing

Proactive blood analysis testing is a great indicator of your current health and can provide insight into your future health. What’s more, it allows us to catch the early signs of health conditions and take any necessary measures to stay healthy.

But, the primary benefit of blood analysis testing and blood glucose monitoring is to optimise your current health and performance. Your results will allow us to see if you have any nutritional deficiencies or hormone imbalances that may impact your performance, which can then be addressed within your tailored functional medicine plan.

Benefits of Blood Analysis Testing

One of the key benefits of blood analysis testing, as opposed to standard saliva or urine tests, is that it strives for optimal, tailored health, rather than focusing on standardised health ranges.

This can make a huge difference as standard testing and analysis is largely informed by illness and national averages rather than optimal health. Functional medicine, on the other hand, drills down deeper for more personalised results. For example, a fasted blood glucose score of 99 mg/dl is considered healthy with standard testing. Yet, functional medicine recognises that each point over 84 mg/dl represents a 6% increase in the chances of becoming diabetic.

Our Blood Analysis Testing Packages

We have access to a wide range of blood, saliva, urine and anthropometric tests for health and fitness, all tailored to be relevant to an active population by our Associate Functional Medicine Practitioner, Roan Heming. Our tests have three entry points with increasing levels of detail provided.

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What to Expect from Blood Analysis Testing

Our associate Functional Medicine Practitioner, Roan Heming, offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in health, nutrition, recovery, and performance. Once we receive your blood test results, Roan will begin analysing the data against your Skinfold Measurement Analysis to determine your exact nutritional and health supplement needs. Note that skinfold analysis is only available for in-person consultations.

How Does Blood Analysis Testing Work?

Our testing service is simple if you follow these steps.


Select which blood test is best suited for you


Read the instructions and locate your closest Phlebotomist to complete the blood draw


Please make sure the blood test is sent off as the instructions state


Once you have your results we’ll analyse what they mean

Considerations Before Your Blood Draw

There are a variety of things that can skew blood analysis testing results, therefore it’s important to take the below factors into consideration before having a blood sample taken.


Some medications may skew results. You should, however, never come off medications without consent from your GP, and only if 100% necessary.


Some supplements have the potential to skew results. As such, we sometimes recommend that clients stop taking particular supplements before their blood test. However, this will be decided on a case-by-case basis, with your health and goals in mind.


Intense exercise before a blood test can lead to false elevations in liver enzyme markers, alongside a number of other key health markers. Avoid intense exercise for a minimum of 48 hours before testing.


Similar to exercise, drinking alcohol before testing can skew key health markers like liver enzyme markers. Avoid alcohol for a minimum of 48 hours prior to testing to ensure the best chance of accurate results.


If your blood test requires fasting before the sample is taken, consume nothing other than water from waking until after your appointment. Not fasting can have an impact on glucose and triglyceride markers and can prevent us from determining glucose and lipid metabolism levels.

Specialist Diets

Specialist or extreme diets like Keto or low-calorie diets can severely impact the results of a blood test. However, it is best to not change diets until after analysis as we need to see the impact of the current diet on blood chemistry.


A lack of, or too much water before a blood test could skew results. As such, we recommend two to three glasses of water on the morning of the test if fasting.

About Human Health Hub

At Human Health Hub, we strive to be at the forefront of the health and fitness industry. We’re passionate about providing the support, resources and techniques that our clients need to reach their health, fitness, and performance goals, including blood testing to give an indication of both your current and potential future health.

We see ourselves as partners in health – working with you towards the common goal of improving your health and quality of life. Book a free discovery call today to see how we could optimise your health and performance.

What Our Clients Say

I contacted Roan after struggling with symptoms for around two years; exhaustion, inability to sleep, no cycle, low mood, inability to concentrate, swollen joints and weight gain.

I had been trying to get help from the doctors for over a year and had no progress.

After going through with a plan covering movement, nutrition and health supplementation, I quickly saw a shift in my energy and mood. My focus improved significantly, and I began to lose some weight; my body changed within a few months, and I started to feel more like myself again.

Marnie Warlow United Kingdom 

Roan has an exceptional level of experience, knowledge and expertise across PT Training, Nutrition & Functional Medicine and Supplements which makes him UNIQUELY placed to help clients achieve their health goals.

My experience of training and working with Roan across these Specialisms is that he is challenging, is unswerving is his passion for acquiring more knowledge and delivers results!

A. Loftus London, United Kingdom

I cannot recommend Roan at Human Health Hub enough. He is the only consultant I have engaged with where I have seen results, and importantly he only recommends the supplements you need for your body or nutrition goals. In addition, he listens to a client and recommends the right nutrition, supplements and exercise routines – it isn’t one-size-fits-all; it is highly personalised to get the right results.

Kirsten Ward
Chief Marketing Officer at Situ Live

My experience with Roan is very positive. His approach is straightforward yet rich in knowledge, with attention to detail and quality, from communication to creating an action plan. You can see that he cares.

Giovanni Billi
Eleiko Strength Equipment Italy Operations Manager

Roan is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever met, and his passion for the fitness and well-being of his clients is inspiring.

He has so much knowledge of diet, supplements and sleep. It is very motivating to work with him and accomplish targets you wouldn’t believe possible.

Yvonne Binnington
Mother of two, Buckinghamshire

I had a very positive consultation with Roan, who explained various. In fact, numerous aspects that can have an impact on sleep patterns.

Detailed options were discussed, and also understanding that whilst one process might not be completely successful, other routes could be followed.

Antony Dickson
Buckinghamshire, UK

The big difference with Roan is that he completely views your health and well-being.  

Fitness and strength training is at the core, but it’s supported by nutrition advice, supplements to address your specific deficiencies and regular measurement to assess progress.  For me, this is essential; diet, sleep, and exercise are all interdependent, and Roan’s education and advice enables you to make real, sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

Paul Abbott
CEO Amex Global Business Travel

Working with Roan has been an absolute pleasure in addressing numerous gut and digestion issues.

After struggling for many years, seeing a bunch of specialists/doctors and spending an absolute fortune on treatments, I finally started to feel better and improve my health thanks to Roan’s experience and knowledge.

O. Gonçalves
Lisbon, Portugal

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